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About Us


My passion for making wooden bow ties began after receiving one as a gift in early 2015. The tie I received was chunky, unattractive, and poorly finished. From my previous two years of woodworking experience, I knew that I could do better.


I set out to make my own design, building off of the products that I saw in the marketplace. Some were large and chunky, while others were flat and lacked contour, so I went somewhere in between. I had always loved the feeling of classic, fabric bow ties, so I crafted a product that emulated this look and style. The ties I make have smooth contours that add dimension while still keeping the profile clean, and come in at just 2 ounces. While the other wooden bow ties seemed ‘gimmicky’, I made my ties wearable and stylish, believing that they could be more than just a novelty.


The response I received was overwhelming, and after launching a Kickstarter, I officially released my line in early 2016. This first year was incredibly successful, with Crooked Branch Studio selling over a thousand bow ties to 43 states and 11 countries. I slowly built a team of incredible employees who share my passion, and together we are working to transform the landscape of men's neckwear.